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  • Becoming a PM was the hard part, but now what?

    Breaking into product management can be really hard. Everyone wants you to have experience before you have any. Yet, once you do get that first, coveted role, the challenges are just beginning.
    Too often, PMs early in their careers are set up to fail. You end up facing a variety of challenges like:
    • Not knowing where to begin, as there's so many skills to master.
    • Conflicting advice from coworkers and friends, who you can't tell who is best to listen to.
    • Too many blog posts & tweet storms of varying quality with too much theory and not enough tactical teaching of how to actually do the most important things a product manager does.
    • Being buried in too many meetings, and too much project management to actually get ahead and figure out a winning product plan.
    • Pressure to deliver on OKRs, making you wonder how much room you have for trial and error, or learning on the job.
    And chances are, your manager doesn't have much time to teach you. So you need to find other help.

    Don't you just wish someone would show you how to do it right?

    I can help you confidently build the skills that will make you a great product manager.
    But first, a quick story:
    A few years ago, a friend asked me to help her become a great Product Manager. She had just started as a Product Management intern at a company and been given a small project. She hoped to wow them so she could get a full time role when she graduated.
    As she looked around the company, she noticed her fellow product managers at the company:
    • Were rarely talking to customers
    • Had a limited grasp of the metrics that drove their products and the business as a whole
    • Were spending more time on strategizing, and defending their opinions than building compelling, customer & data based cases
    • Got the poor results you'd expect from this shoot-from-the-hip-blindfolded approach
    • Had growing resentment and animosity from the engineers and designers at the company
    So while she loved the overall culture of the company, and the team she worked on, she didn't see a way to learn and grow from her fellow Product Managers.

    That's why she came to me for help.

    I sat down with her, and we created a curriculum together. Over the next few months, I taught her the fundamentals that I'd learned over the years from some of the best minds in Silicon Valley, who I'd been fortunate to learn from and combine with a lot of trial and error.
    By applying the principles and tactics I taught her for sourcing and interviewing customers, making data a key part of decision making and investigations, and working better with her peers and colleagues, she became the best PM at the company.
    Soon she was getting more and more responsibility and better projects to work on. Her teammates loved working with her, and the results she was getting built her confidence as a young product leader.

    I want to help you, too.

    Over the years, I've helped many product managers like her, and now I'm putting all those lessons together to help you, too in the Customer Driven Product Management Course.
    We're covering all of the most important concepts and fundamentals you need to master. These are topics that are often mentioned that you should do them, but rarely does anyone tell you exactly HOW to do them.
  • The essential skills you'll master in

    the Customer Driven Product Management Course

    Become a great product manager that delivers win after win

    Deeply understand your customer's needs & pains

    Learn how to write the perfect customer interview script to quickly learn exactly what you need to build great features, and avoid building the wrong things.

    Learn how to use data for better decision making

    Analytics and sourcing other data helps you make better decisions, and iterate on what you launch. Learn how to make it a core habit of your product team.

    Build great relationships with peers & stakeholders

    Being a product manager means you're in the people business. Learn how to build effective, collaborative working relationships across your organization.

    Create documents your co-workers will actually read

    No one wants to read a 10 page product spec. Learn how to write one that they will read & helps your team build better products.

    Avoid the most common product management pitfalls

    Your product team's habits dictate your success or failure. Learn what habits to embrace, and which ones to avoid or break.

  • How You'll Learn in the Course

    10 weekly, bite-size email lessons + 2 bonus lessons

    Each lesson will teach you an essential concept and give you specific actions you can take on real projects you're currently focused on at work.

    Templates make your life easy

    Get the templates I use when building products so you can easily apply them to each lesson. Save the templates to keep using them going forward.

    Slack community to connect & ask questions

    Build connections with others in your cohort, as well as ask questions and discuss each lesson together.

    Get real, helpful feedback

    When you share your work for the week's action, I will personally review it and give you feedback to help you apply the lesson to your current project.

    Go to the next level with 2 coaching calls

    When you purchase the Liftoff level of the course, you'll also get two, 1-hour coaching calls throughout the program to ask me anything 1 on 1.

  • What others have said about learning from me

    Pardhu Gunnam

    CEO & Co-Founder, Metaphor Data


    "When I started working with Jason, I was trying to get a group of early adopting companies for my startup, Metaphor.


    Jason was able to come in, overhaul both how I sought out customers to interview, and how we would ask the right questions to identify good fits for our Design Partner Program. He provided scripts, templates, and coached me on how to improve my processes.


    With his help we now have a promising group of companies and a clear path to launching our product. I also see how my interviews with customers apply to our product, marketing, and future sales efforts.


    He saved me months of trial and error on my own."

    Mario Minnaert

    Product Owner, Higher Learning Technologies


    "Jason has coached me on customer development, communication, stakeholder management and countless other aspects of being a customer-driven product leader.


    Because of his coaching, I’ve become our platform lead, the senior manager of customer experience and was voted as company MVP.


    It’s clear that Jason has a learner’s mindset and is an expert on leadership, but above all, I’m constantly blown away by his ability to quickly understand my problems and his strong desire to help me learn and grow as a PM and person.


    I’ve saved months and years of future mistakes from talking to Jason and listening to his advice."

    Ruben Guerrero

    CEO & Co-Founder, Sproutfi (YC S21)

    "Our head of product has gotten a ton of value and has significantly matured as a product leader while working with Jason.

    I appreciate all the support and guidance he shared with him, and recommend anyone who wants to grow their product leaders to work with Jason."

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    Common questions about the program to help you make your decision to purchase

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